The Evil(ish) One

16 March 2014

By now, we should be fairly comfortable with what we’re writing and the ideas we’re working towards (in terms of our individual stories).

We’ve both made very good beginnings and understand very well where our stories are going (even if we don’t have a defined ending as of yet).

So now, it’s time to throw a “spanner in the works,” – It’s time for an evil assignment.

During the next two weeks this assignment runs, we will be adding ten pages of narrative – five of which must directly deal with this assignment. This assignment is going to require us to add news lines of plot to our current outlines and incorporate ideas we’ve not ourselves created.

The primary narrative characters from each story must encounter and interact with just one of the two main characters we detailed from Assignment 3 – from each other’s story. Therefore, Sam from Magic Carpet will have an encounter with either Matt or Ryan (NOT both) – and Matt from Here Comes The Rain Again will have an encounter with either Sam or Cal (NOT both).

  • The encounter must include dialogue.
  • Be integrated as a “natural” part of the plot of the story.
  • Must make full use of the character bios as constructed by each of us.
  • Can make use of character knowledge from each other’s stories as they are now, but only from the text of those stories, not anything discussed or unknown to an outside reader.
  • Must occupy at least five of the minimum pages required, but can be longer.
  • The included character must be treated as secondary/minor characters for the purpose of your story, BUT their inclusion must serve a purpose to your story.
  • You may add to your plot outline, but not change or remove anything from it because of this.
  • The included character must not affect the overall plot arc of your story, (ie Magic Carpet is still about Sam and Cal and Here Comes The Rain is still about Matt and Ryan).
  • Flirting/Sex is allowed – if it remains in context of the current plot outlines.
  • Past association is also allowed, within context of the described character outline.
  • They cannot be used as an ex-boyfriend or past partner (no past existing “Long Term Relationship” – but casual sexual or friendship is allowed).
  • You may only use ONE character.
  • You must be prepared to include them again at a later stage.


2 weeks allowed. By the end of this assignment, we should have at least 23 pages of story.

(Set by James Snaith)


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