The “Assignment” Challenge

I’ll be honest; I’m not actually sure about the how’s and why’s of where this writing challenge came from. I think perhaps it came out of a desire to get back into crafting longer stories… And maybe, just maybe have some fun by introducing random challenges and exercises during the running of it. Of course for things to be random you have to have more than one person taking part, and for this particular writing challenge we have two contenders; myself and a good friend of mine and fellow writer Dom Murray – who’s blog can be found -> here.

The ultimate goal of this challenge is to create a longish work of fiction, of novella or novel size proportions, although that may be subject to change. We’re not using word counts as our gage at the moment, but rather page counts. Simpler perhaps – but this is a relaxed writing challenge, not a frenetic one.

What we chose to write about was left us to us, as no theme was set – this time. Oddly enough however we picked similar themes (it happens).

The challenge started on the 9th February 2014 with a very simple assignment to kick things off, and has been running since. More details on the “assignments” (as we’ve taken to calling them) can be found by following the links below;

Assignment 1 – Kick Off, (9 Feb)

Assignment 2 – Plotting, (16 Feb)

Assignment 3 – Characters, (23 Feb)

Assignment 4 – Carrying On, (9 Mar)

Assignment 5 – The Evil(ish) One, (16 Mar)

Assignment 6 – The Scene Unseen, (30 Mar)

Assignment 7 – Carry On, Again (13 Apr)

Assignment 8 – More Plotting (21 Apri)

Assignment 9 – The Evil Returns (4 May)


As for how we’re both doing… Well, that info should be in our blogs – but so far, we’re both doing amazingly well 😉


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