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So… Long-time no speak to.

Long-time no update – or for that matter, anything from me.

There are several reasons for the long silence on this journal, many things that happened in a short pace of time that contributed to me having to withdraw to take care of other things. I could make this a long winded post about all the whys and wherefores – or I could keep it to the point.

Last year I nearly died.

I developed chronic appendicitis. Chronic not because it was untreatable, but because the underlying cardiac condition I was born with meant they couldn’t operate. It had to be treated with antibiotics (and a lot of finger crossing). The Appendix Of Doom Saga lasted six months before unfortunately it did the one thing no one expected; exploded (the surgeons word, not mine). Then there was drama of knowing they had to operate, but could they with how bad my heart was and finding someone not only willing, but qualified to deal with somebody as complex as I am…

Things got close, but… But… the Appendix Of Doom was removed.

And that should have been the end of it.


Next we had The Appendix Wound That Wouldn’t Close. A three-month saga of misery and annoyance because my body was struggling to heal. For three months I rocked a hole in my abdomen.

Two weeks after The Appendix Wound That Wouldn’t Close finally did close up, I was back in hospital for routine tests on what was going on with my heart. Alarm bells were sounded, things became a little panicky and then the results; without major surgery I’d be dead before the end of 2016. The whole Appendix Saga had prevented the cardiac team from picking up on a problem.


So there was that to deal with.

A month later I was back in hospital to have major cardiac surgery (for the third time in my life) and that didn’t quite go to plan. I have a little too much scar tissue from all the times they’ve had to go in, and it caused a problem – I nearly bleed to death. That was before they could get the work done on my heart.

So once that problem was sorted out they finally got round to fixing my heart and installing some new parts.

I woke up a few days later and once again got back on the Road To Recovery.

And here we are now.

I’ve skipped over a few things, like having to go to hospital on Christmas Day, and the impact this had on the mental wellbeing of not only myself but my partner. But we survived, and life…

Life is going to continue on.

It’s going to continue on for many years to come.