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About a billion years ago, I came to terms with the fact that my health (which is pretty wonky at the best of times) was always going to major factor in my ability to get anything creative done.

The last year or two I’ve been plagued by continuing tummy trouble, and the last few months became a living hell when the pain started to hit. Yeah, I should have seen a doctor sooner… I shouldn’t waited, but… Meh, both of my parents have had bowel cancer. One survived, the other did not. It’s a common killer in both sides of my family. So yeah, maybe I was just a little frightened by what was going on and took the predictable path of NOT seeing a doctor about it.

The pain got too bad, managed to get in to see my GP who laid a hand on my tummy – which caused me to black out from the pain. When I came round the ambulance was on its way.

So typical wait whilst test were carried out. Scans, cameras (could they be any bigger? I’m not just talking about the ones they shove down your throat, but the ones that go up the other way)… And we finally got a verdict that made me and my partner laugh:

Acute Appendicitis. 

Apparently, I’ve been living with a grumbling appendix for the last few years, and it finally decided to pack up and give up. Because my internal organ arrangement is a little unusual (when you have a big heart, things get moved around ok?), my appendix sits right under my belly button, well a little to the left of it. It was last thing anyone expected – even the hospital. But, you know what? It was nice that it was something simple, something normal and something that can be treated.

Of course, it’s never that simple. I have a wonky heart (Fallot’s Syndrome as it’s known now), so no one wanted to open me up and remove the “Appendix of Doom” as we have taken to calling it. Instead, I’ve had enough antibiotics of significant strength pumped into me to probably give me super powers.

Seems to be working. It’s calmed down. It’s behaving at the moment.

And the really annoying part? I’m feeling pretty good. In fact, I haven’t felt this good in a few years (physically). Which just goes to show how a small problem can really mess with you.

Yes, I get the irony of seeking medical help earlier. Fear is a powerful thing, but we should never allow fear to stop us getting help when we need it.

Anyway… I have more to say, more to add, and more to do… But as fate would have it, I’m back in hospital this coming Monday (June 29) for something completely different (on demand pacemaker to stop my heart doing the cha-cha when it’s supposed to be doing the waltz. Damn annoying).

New painting up on dA (Painting: Letting Go) – go look and enjoy. At some point there will be some prose coming as well. Thanks to my bestie (Dom Murray) gifting me a fantastic note book, I was able to outline a story whilst laid up (laying down in a hospital bed and doing NOTHING is exceptionally boring, had to keep my mind busy – thank you many times over Dom, you have no idea how much a god-send that was mister).

Anyhoo, more soon.