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Yes, I know…

Been a little less forthcoming with blogs the last couple of weeks than I intended. I could apologise – or I could just be honest and say; “you know, life.”

That being said, I haven’t been out of the loop completely – I do happen to have some plans, which include the promised teaser from my current story as well as a sort of guest blog and an interview (actually, those two ideas may well be merged). But more on that later.

Been busy this week with The Assignment Challenge (and life in general, lol), which if you haven’t been following these posts in my blog you can catch up here, here and here.

I think Dominic and I are at a stage with it where we are beginning to see the big picture with how this whole shebang is going to fit together to be one book when it’s all done. It’s turned into a much bigger project than either of us imagined – or for that matter intended. That’s not to say we aren’t enjoying it. But…

We do need to be careful that we don’t swamp ourselves with the big idea. We need to keep focus where we currently are and keep momentum up on this. So I need to keep my focus on Sam and finish that story. Dom needs to stick with Matt and finish his story before we move on to the other two characters. We also have this week’s challenge to deal with as well (which I shall post later). I need to stop distracting myself (and Dom for that matter) with artwork ideas, or ideas about what to call the whole thing. Those things CAN wait until the end.

But still, this is as far as I got with an artwork idea for the whole thing;


It is of course another form of distraction, and I one I need to be careful of, lol. Creating artwork is a secondary pastime for me (along with creating 3D models… Gaming mods… Tutoring). When I used to do NaNoWriMo, I used to churn the stuff out for myself and friends like there was no tomorrow. In fact, I kind of got caught up on focusing on the artwork a little too much… Which is why I stopped taking part in NaNo. Well, one of the reasons 😉

Humm, that has the potential as another blog idea; artwork. Will have a ponder on that.

More soon folks!