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As promised, here’s the follow up to my last bog. Rather than cover old ground, I’d suggest that you read The “Assignment” Challenge – Update before cracking on with this one 😉

Hopefully now that you have read that and are caught up, I can explain a little further what’s going on with this “monster project,” and why it’s actually four stories, but one book.

If the idea of telling both sides of our individual stories, via first person perspective wasn’t complicated enough – the fifth challenge that was set way back on 16 March – The Evil(ish) One – has ended up complicating things for both Dom and myself. If you haven’t clicked on the link and taken a look at the page about that challenge, then in a nutshell we both had to make use of one character from each other’s story for a short part of the narrative, not in a forced contrived way, but in a natural flows with the story way. It was up to us to decide which character we were each going to borrow from each other for this – either our main protagonists, or there love interests. We both opted (without discussing it with the other) to make use of each other’s love interest characters for our story cross overs.

No problem, because it worked rather well for us both.


And this is where it gets complicated…

Having now made the decision to write the other side of our individual stories using these “love interest” characters, we both find that we are locked in to writing the other side of scenes that each of us has created for that challenge. Our stories are now locked together, tied together. They occupy the same universe, are set at the same time. Hell, three of the characters work for the same company (and that too was an accident).

It only seems logical to move forward in a way that treats both stories Here Comes the Rain Again and Magic Carpet as being two halves of one larger story.

We’ve already discussed a possible ending scene that has all four characters in the same place – and even interacting in various ways. Which is why the current part of this challenge (More Plotting) includes a “Create and combine timelines” part.

So much for just being a kick up the bum to get us both back into writing, we had to go and complicate it.


I’m enjoying the process, it is a lot of fun. I think at some stage we’ll have to sit down and come up with some sort of uber title for the whole thing. But that’s something for the future, it’s not important now.

I think I also promised another taste of Sam’s part of the story from Magic Carpet – you’ll have that a little later in the week (promise!).

Until then, go and give my co-conspirator on this project, Dominic Murray, some love.

More very soon!