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I’m no stranger to writing challenges/word prompt/set scene’s etc… I’ve done a few in my time, and as a general rule of thumb enjoyed them all.

Back in February when I picked up the phone and called my writing buddy Dom and suggested we do some sort of challenge to get us both out the word funk we were both in, I had no idea – no idea – what it was actually going to turn into. You see, I thought I was going to be writing a short story.



Well… Sort of.

You see, it turns out I’m not writing one story – I’m writing two.

My other half made a suggest a few weeks ago, one that Dom and I have been mulling over, and one I ultimately think we’re actually going to do (hummm, well, ok we ARE doing): write both sides of the stories we’re working on.

Still doesn’t make sense?

Ok, let me explain…

Magic Carpet – my submission to this challenge is a first person perspective story about a guy called Sam and his romance with Cal. But Cal turned out to be a really interesting character in his own right – so why not write Cal’s story too? Yes, they are going to share some major plot points as well as scenes, but, they are going differ as well. And the idea of seeing the story from both sides? Intrigues the hell out of me.

I really like the idea.

So that’s what we’re both going to end up doing, which feeds into to the new challenge that started today: More Plotting. By all means have a look at the linked page, and maybe the others as well to see what we’ve been doing.

And next blog? I’m going to try and explain how both stories (Magic Carpet and Here Comes the Rain Again) are actually going to end up being one bigger novel about four people…

I may even be tempted to post another taster as well…