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If there’s one thing I find annoying about the creative side of my brain; it’s epic dreams.

I mean, once in a blue moon I could handle… But the last week or so? Every frigging night. And here’s the best bit; they’re incredibly detailed as well. I have safe guarded them in my dream journal as potential future story ideas – from the high fantasy epic about a man cursed to carry a “shadow stone” on Monday to last night’s sci-fi opera about humans colonising another world and the day-to-day trials and pit falls of doing so. (Down to how they would go about constructing accommodation for the colonists).

My dreams are never sparse with detail, which is sometimes a major problem when I wake up, as there is always a lot to try and remember – and they never stint on story either.

I know, I know… Lucky me.

But it’s really rather distracting when I’m already working on a story.

In fact, it’s frigging distracting.

It’s tearing my focus away from what I’m currently working on.

This is the problem with having a hyper-active brain, the damn thing just won’t shut up.


Must focus on current story… Must stay focused on that… Must…