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Long-time no blog for me (a week). I had planned to blog at least every other day, but you know; life.

That, and possibly the hardest writing assignment I’ve had to date: The Scene Unseen.

Trying to get into the head of another character, when your entire story is first person perspective from another characters POV, shouldn’t be that hard. But the truth is, I made Calhoun (the subject I’ve my “scene unseen” assignment) far more interested and complex than I’d initially realised. In some respects I wish “Magic Carpet” had actually been his story – which it’s not sadly. He’s a major player within it, but not the focus – “Magic Carpet” is Sam’s story. It should really be Sam and Cal’s story – but that’s not how it’s working out. Sam has turned out to be rather more selfish than I first thought and is hogging the narrative. He’s also become an asshat as well, *sigh* – it’s not something that I’m surprised about, but I am surprised with how it’s playing out.

If I’m honest… As much as Cal fascinates me, as much as devoting a whole narrative to him would be fun – I’m not actually sure I could do his story justice. You see Calhoun Smith was born Abigale (“Abby”) Smith. And whilst he has been though everything he needed to go through to become “Calhoun” he’s not easy to write, because…


Transgender/sexulisim isn’t a subject I’ve really ever thought that much about in the past.

Hell, it’s not something I’ve ever encountered (as far as I know). The closest I’ve come I guess is the fact that one of my friends was born intersex – his (the decision he made) trials, struggle – and all the surgery he went through… Yeah, it wasn’t easy for him.

When it came to this writing challenge I wanted to do something very different, something that would push me and test my own boundaries; hence Calhoun. Research, fact finding, talking to people… It has been fascinating finding out the practicalities of the physical change – amazing to actually talk to people who have been through (and who are going through) this process. And humbling to find out just how misunderstood they are.

I’m not sure I can do Cal justice even within the context of “Magic Carpet” – but I’m sure going to try.

PS: I actually finished The Scene Unseen assignment early (for a change) – the next assignment Carry On, Again is now live and underway.