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Been taking stock of some of the drafts I have sitting on my hard-drive, and what to do with them. Most of them are the direct result of having participated in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) – something which I support, but don’t feel the need to take part in any more. (Because I like to have the freedom to write my longer works when I feel the need to write them, not wait for November – or April and July as the case may be – to come round).

Most of them are waiting for me to come back and do second drafts. Some are waiting for me to actually finish them. Either way, it was a surprising question from my other half about whether I always use the same theme when I write, or does it change.

So, I had look and a think about it;

      • “True” – Abuse
      • “The Lodger” – Fidelity
      • “Just Us” – Family
      • “Roughing It” – Obsession
      • “And Shadow Will Fall…” – Faith
      • “Blood Rites” – Responsibility

Added to that mix are projects written outside of NaNoWriMo;

      • “Galadin’s Prize” – Trust
      • “Nothing Perfect” – Disability
      • “Cursed” – Loneliness

And of course “Magic Carpet”…

No idea what the theme is for that story yet, it alludes me at the moment. Or, maybe I haven’t yet twigged. I think it’s going to be hard to sum it up in just one word, because maybe it has more than one theme. I think this is becoming more of an important question because I’m exploring the mind of the other primary character in “Magic Carpet,” Calhoun – who’s turned out to be far more interesting than I originally thought he would be. Developing Cal as a character has meant doing a lot of interesting homework, and it has made me look at the story – the plot – in a very different way.

What started out as a simple love story has become way complicated… damn it Cal, why did you have to become so interesting and steal the show? And what have you done to the theme of this story?