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Currently I’m involved in a writing challenge (details of which can be found -> here). It’s not the first time I’ve done a written challenge and I hope it won’t be my last either. It may well be the longest one I’ve ever done though – but I can live with that. I’d go as far as to say; I like the idea as well.

But all that’s by-the-by – bumph, filler, etc…

What exactly am I writing about?

It’s my old stand by; romance – male-male romance, sort of. As I said in another blog I thought it was time to explore another part of the vast territory that is the romance genre (as well avoid some of the more obvious tropes which the genre is land-mined with).

The why’s, how’s, spark that kicked the current challenge have fallen into mystery for me. It may well have started out as a random discussion over the phone… It may well have grown out of frustration over the fact I haven’t been able to spend as much time writing as I used to… It may well have been a way to kick someone up the backside and get them back into writing again…

Regardless, challenge given and accepted.

Plot and idea?

Ah, well…

“Magic Carpet” started out as a dream – don’t laugh. I get some of my best ideas from my dreams. I have very vivid dreams, and have kept a dream diary for years. One of my dreams featured a plane falling into weird dimension and the passengers and crew trying to survive in a hostile alien place. Dunno if they ever got away… My alarm woke me. In another there’s a man chasing a shadow down an alley way and beating it up with an iron bar… That one was published last year.

So, I don’t discount ideas from dreams, not story ideas any way.

“Magic Carpet” (the plot from the dream) was a date story, a date that ended up with both participants having “coffee” (yes I’m using a euphemism) on what turns out to be an actual magic carpet. Surreal as hell, but it inspired an idea. So I let it grow in the back of my mind in my plot garden, and started tending it quite recently to see what comes of it.

The written story is a little different; it’s still a date story – but it’s more the journey of one person who’s already decided that he doesn’t want to be in a relationship, and what happens when life conspires against that idea. I know this story personally, I kind of lived it, lol.

But my main character, Sam, is not me. My reasons for wanting to stay single were due to heartbreak. Sam’s reasons are more complex and perhaps more selfish; being in a relationship with someone is about opening yourself up to that other person, trusting and being trusted, it’s about being raw before them, exposed emotionally… And there are people out in the world who can’t handle it. Sam is a thirty-something year old man who is too selfish in many respects to be with someone. But his friends recognise that he wants to change that, so keep setting him up on blind dates in the hope something will happen.

And the foil for Sam is going to make him think.

The setting is an old world sort of bookshop called the Magic Carpet – hence the name. Maybe there is a real magic carpet in the place. I don’t know yet – things are still cooking with the plot.

But Sam isn’t going to get an easy ride, and I plan to challenge him in some very interesting way – in fact I already have.

And most importantly have fun doing something a little different and outside my personal comfort zone as well.