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So, Saturday I finished the (now previous part of the) current writing challenge – with all of half on hour to spare as well. Managed to upload it to the share on the cloud before midnight as well.

Go me.

I even got feedback there and then.

All sounds very good yes?

So, Sunday – busy day, what with it being Mother’s Day and the weather being nice enough to get some spring-cleaning done. Even managed a short call to my writing-partner-in-crime regarding the current challenge (we really have to think of a proper name for it Dom) and then…

One of my old friends paid a visit; Migraine.

So… that’s buggered the beginning of my week.

It happens, not too often thankfully, but it steals time away from me that I would rather use for other things. I know, I know… Sounds like I’m whining about it, but… I hate losing time, especially to something like this.

But I’m back – at the keyboard as well. New writing assignment received and agreed on and less than two weeks to do it (now).

You know, I really need to post something about this challenge, and the story it’s generating… Me thinks a longer blog is required; I vote I do it Wednesday this week – all in agreement? Cool…