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I had two weeks – two weeks to get my last written assignment done. It wasn’t rocket science, it wasn’t impossible, it wasn’t even supposed to be long… I should know, I set the assignment.

But here I am, with less than six hours left of the day – and I’m still procrastinating and not getting it done!

Today’s excuses? The weather was nice, we got a new printer (and so I therefore had to play with it), PC games, play with the cat, TV, blogging…

I’ve written seven of the ten pages I need to – what’s the beef brain? “We” know the scene, “we” know the story, “we” (in theory) know what we’re writing about.

So what gives?

I’ve spent most of the afternoon in front of the PC doing… everything else but write. In fact, this bit of blogging? It’s my first bit of writing today.


I will get it done – I owe it to myself to finish what I’ve started. And if that isn’t enough? The other person in this challenge is counting on me as well.

So come on brain, no more excuses; write or I’m poking you with a q-tip again!