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He’s bugged me about this for a while, so here I am – it’s his fault. I shall have to think of a suitable reward/punishment, lol.

Anyway, as this a writers blog (of sorts, some other artistic things might pop up, because I am a man of many talents), let’s talk about the current project;

“Magic Carpet” & “Here Comes The Rain Again” – aka Writing Challenge 2014.

As per our usual skulduggery, Master Murray (you can find his blog here) and I have been setting each other challenges on a weekly/two weekly bases. The point? To get back into writing longer pieces of prose, because both of us have been suffering from writers funk.

This challenge started back on the 9th Feb with the very simple instruction from myself; “Start a new story and write at least 2 pages of it. 1 week allowed.” 

May not seem much, as we are both NaNoWriMo alumni and well used to hitting the 50,000 word mark on projects. But the idea was to enjoy this process and have lots of fun with it. Produce quality over quantity, which is far more important. I can easily hammer out a dozen pages a day… But sometimes it’s nice to enjoy the process, take your time, and smell the flowers along the way.

In keeping with the current theme, this has been going on for over a month now, with other assignments being set as and when.

How’s it going?


Am I going to share beyond that?

Yes – at some (near) point in the future when there’s more to actually share 😉